The 4Kase has been designed To give you the most powerful and portable onset daily system on the market. We have designed a system around the 2014 Mac Pro which we built in the 4Kase vertically. Others have built theres horizontally resulting in added airflow through the system. When the air comes out of the top of the computer it gets trapped in the lip and overheats the system. With the 4Kase your Mac Pro stands vertically like it was designed to, and the heat dissipates out of the case letting the computer run at it's best performance. Our engineers also designed a high-end electric power switch. There are no springs or plastic rods to break. Another area we are proud of our team of engineers designed is a custom pair of thunderbolt ports on the back of the case. Instead of having a few cables hanging out of the case and having to cables to pull and push them out of the case, just plug in your Thunderbolt device and away you go. We are really proud of the 4K monitor. This high-end 10 bit monitor was designed with a ultra-thin body to fit in the lid of the 4Kase. The monitor also has a thick shock resistant plexiglass casing to help it resist against impacts and scratches so it lasts for many years. The cable routing by the system is designed to efficiently manage airflow and give your system the best working conditions. Please call us for a demo or email us with any questions you have.